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    The center or middle man drops to the ball side block and the weak side forward flashes into the high post. I'm almost done with a report about "dealing with parents". However, the chaser does need to be athletic enough to make it difficult for the offense to get the ball.For offense, I love to set ball screens as well with the player being chased as well. #-2 The coaches just want to win. Can You Put a Portable Basketball Hoop in the Ground? Lose all the time - team sucks- coach sucks- players are not good- parents are not good- even the snacks suck- not as much funLast I checked 95% of all games keep score which I do agree with and also with the 5% that don't. I spent about 15 to 30 minutes every day on man to man defense, and the opposing teams struggled offensively. Larry, the way that you're focusing on getting everybody involved is awesome!I've also used zone defense in a similar situation with middle school kids for similar reasons. It is only 5/6 grade and if we double their point guard, none of their other players are very good. Read More Can You Play Basketball After Bunion Surgery?Continue, Read More Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops Under $500 & $1000!Continue, Read More Best Portable Basketball Hoop Under $200!Continue, Read More Can You Put a Portable Basketball Hoop in the Ground?Continue, Read More How To Transport A Basketball Hoop?Continue, Read More How Can You Put A Basketball Hoop On House?Continue, Your email address will not be published. Contents hide 1. We have had everything thrown at us from junk defenses to half court to full court M2M to 2-1-2 zones. 2. I can''t count all of the stupid things that I have done. We said that to say this, developing good basketball defense strategies is a lot harder these days than in the past, so it is unreasonable to expect a team or individual to prevent another from scoring consistently. For example, swing the ball to the corner while having the strong side post screen away to the man opposite the ball on the bottom part of the box. Let them know they are probably going to see the box-1. It involves physically obstructing the view of the offensive player so they cannot see the ball or their teammates, making it difficult for them to score. The point guard O1 dribbles toward the wing opposite the star and passes to that wing. Bottom line is you better teach stances, footwork, balance, rotations, and all of that regardless of what type of defense you play. Pistols is a simple concept to teach. To become a lockdown defender, you must do your scouting so that you can know your opponents strengths and weaknesses. I'd find a different rec league. I hope one day that screens get abolished as well. With 75-150 minutes of practice a week its tough. I started coaching my oldest son in K-1st grade through a church league where you could only play man to man and I think it is a great way to start. I coach 5th-6th grade rec . I coach 4th and 5th graders and if a team with superior talent traps you, you are in for a long day. Get them to talk!There is more to basketball than just passing, shooting, rebounding, dribbling, and defense. Mental and physical maturity, experience and athletic talent are really the determining factors in all this. For all of those that are preaching about young kids need to learn the core fundamentals of man to man defenseyou need to realize that a lot of zone defense principles reflect man to man defense! The defender places their hand or body in front of the players face, so they cant see the basket. No, not screening the on ball defender, that does nothing since zones are designed to stop penetration with all 5 players, not just the one. I am going to be coach of the all-stars. Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops Under $500 & $1000! I understand laying back in that 2-3 is the easy thing to do, and prevents your opponents from getting lay-ups. If you have played basketball for a long time, you certainly would have heard players say, if you reach, I teach. Many of the younger players cannot play defense to contain their opponents and not try to steal the ball but contain their opponents until the right opportunity presents itself for a steal. Dealing with players that have NOT been taught the fundamentals. in the end.. who really cares if kids go 30-0 and cant play when they reach high school because they are so far behind fundamentally. We haven't had many problems with it as we posses a good deal of quickness. Being agile means to maintain your speed and momentum while being able to quickly change direction. Im not sure where the arms length comment came from, because Im having trouble locating that. How well would your M2M work if you only had, at most, 3 hours of practice time a week and you only had 3 or 4 practices before your first game?2. I play almost no zone because I do want my kids to learn the right things as well, but I also firmly believe in PRESSURE defense and that includes a variety of looks. We worked hard on fundamentals dribbling, how to stand on defense, how to move lateral, jump, run, layup, how to use the glass, etc His next year (4th grade) I didn't get involved and the coach on his team didn't teach anything. When all things break down, defense is what can hold your team together. Subs are mandatory and evey kid plays at least 8 minutes a game. Bend knees to get a low center of gravity. I think you need to look at it both ways. Not through this website, but by actually creating a feeder program. Face guarding is defined almost exactly how it sounds. Given the maturity level of most of the kids and the amount of the time spent practicing, these are sound rules, work well and have contrinuted to providing a great experience for all the kids. As a high school head coach, I agree that younger players need to be taught the correct fundamentals of the game. I had intended not to spend any practice time based on my teams needs on offensive set plays. Are they keeping their eyes up? It starts out good at first but eventually all the players just end up chasing whoever has the ball. He's been around youth sports for 20+ years and has great recommendations to keep a positive atmosphere for the kids and avoid problems in youth sports.Players of that age will not understand defense very well. However in response to the defenses being playing I tried some of the standby stuff, ball screen, spread the floor etc. Here is a great reason to teach man to man. It hit me like a ton of bricks, that what I just taught these kids was all they were really going to get before they play HS ball. How well would your M2M work if your team, from a size/athleticism/experience standpoint, was a random sample of your high school's population?4. In basketball, face guarding is a defensive technique used to prevent the offensive player from getting open for a shot. Face guarding occurs when a defensive player blocks or disrupts the vision of the offensive player, whether that player has possession of the ball or not. This M2M defense stuff is so unrealistic at the rec level. Put yourself in a 3rd or 4th graders shoes. Starting with press and zone at young age and/or beginners is not logical. Teaching how to play or beat a press or zone is like teaching calculus to a kid before he knows how to multiple and divide.This all depends on the age we are talking here and even what country you live in. I'm a little bit worried that they are creating all-star teams in 1st and 2nd grade and traveling across the state to play other teams. 7th grade was the first organized ball we had. Face-guarding is an effective strategy for both offensive and defensive players in basketball. Charles hit the nail on the head. In a high school situation how do you attack a triangle and 2 where man is being played on the 2G and the PF? I also experienced something similar to you when I coached 5th & 6th grade boys. Agility is something that can be increased through training. in our rec leagues, 3rd grade up to 8th, there is a no zone rule. I have read a lot of ideas but really the plays are too complicated and don't account for the other team anticipating the pass and stealing it.thanks!! If they do, its a foul. I am playing a game tomorrow against a team that is not great at ball handling, except they have one star player, that jumps higher, handles ball better, blows by everyone, shoots better, and basically scores all his teams points. But its an effective way to defend against shooters and playmakers. We are 2-4 right now, and most likely will finish 4-12 at best. It is crucial that players learn how to contain their opponents and remain disciplined for the entire game and not try to reach for the ball in ill-advised situations. Using feints, misdirection passes, and quick cuts, you can put your defender off balance and create opportunities for yourself or your teammates. I purchased the motion offense and man to man defense books. In this video, Coach Burch and her players demonstrate some maneuvers that can be used behind the goal to beat a defender. However if you do not have clear guarding position refferess can call things like bumps reach ins and hand checking. The rules they use for kids are absurd. Would you stay in the man to man only to get beat by one kid or play a 2-3 to get the game out of his hands? I liked to think that I treated all my players the same - rotten just kidding kids need to know that you care about them as individuals, NOT just basketball players. I see 3rd and 4th grade youth coaches out there teaching zones, presses, and traps. Being able to break down the different key factors in personal defense and work on them will help you improve them individually and improve your overall performance, making you a Lockdown defender. While this strategy is allowed, using excessive contact against another player can result in a technical foul which could lead to ejection from the game. They can change tempo & cause your better players lots of trouble! The rule is 10-3-6d. Are they reading the defense?Telling kids to run pick and rolls is the same thing. Get your offense in a 2-1-2 set. Its important for defenders to know when they can legally use this technique without risking a foul call. Surely you can agree that the defensive end of the basketball court is critical. PGC Basketball provides intense, no-nonsense basketball trainingfor players and coaches. Discipline. Did you find this helpful? The Kings blew the Warriors out 118-99 in Game 6, dragging this heavyweight first-round series to a deciding Game 7 on Sunday afternoon back . This will give them enough space to move toward the basket or even pull up for an open jump shot. "I've never seen a 13 & 14 year old team that was so good at shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, half-court offense, & man to man defense that they should work on pressing and junk defenses. One is to simply stand in front of your opponent, making it difficult for them to see around you. It is legal in high school basketball, though there are limitations on how it can be used. Try to work as much and as hard as you can in the gym. Often before we go into games, we are aware of the likely players that we will be guarding. If I was good did he only love me when I played well?Coaches we have such a huge opportunity for a short period of time to help these boys and girls set a solid foundation for life and basketball is a means to an end for us to help in the process. Agility will help players to keep up with the offense. Often rule changes are made to accommodate the offense. Coach is all about FAMILY NOT ME and screens are not part of the offense, I just feel bad that my daughter is always trying to get open and running the baseline till her tongue is hanging out. Players inside work together to find open spots.Hope this helps. I would say at least 75% of the time the steals these girls are making are fouls, but in these leagues, the refs are very liberal - as they should be, but its still bad defense. I am reading this today because a 4th grade team has played a box and 1 against my 4th graders in a tournament and we need to play them again.I hope to stay within our normal zone offense with maybe adding a screen or 2.My comment is to agree with those questioning the mentality of running a box and 1 in 4th grade. Defense is not different. Of course, there are other factors that led to those poor seasons down the road, but I know that I didn't help.Here's an article that really delves into why man to man defense is the best for youth players over the long run: http://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/defense/age.htmlSecond, if you teach patience and to focus on the process, I know that you can succeed by teaching man to man. 9. Successfully defending a ball screen starts with the player who is guarding the person setting the pick. And then cross that with the knowledge I gain from those that have been there and done that (you guys and others). There is no minimum distance required between the guard and opponent, but the maximum is 6 feet when closely guarded. They can raise their arms above their head or jump straight up while playing defense inside the cylinder. Did you show the screener the proper way to screen and seal. I am blessed to have a core group of parents and kids who are interested in learning basketball. Board index Basketball Questions and Comments Parents Area, The Internet's #1 Website for Basketball Camps, Resources and Learning Products. How well would you hold up dealing with the parent(s) of the kids who were the ones consistently getting beaten individually?At the youth level, any experienced coach will destroy a M2M defense unless the other team has a signficant advantage in size and/or athleticism across the board. Basketball Defense: How to Defend the Back Screen and Floppy Actions Basketball Immersion 25.6K subscribers 4.5K views 3 years ago This is a sample of the videos that are posted on the. We would be absolutely brutal in a triangle and two and have considered giving these guys back what they throw at us.An old coach friend told me to stick with it but it does get a little irritating seeing all these zones. Even if a player does not have the ball, the defender must respect the legal guarding position while playing defense. The ball side forward should be high and wide(10-15 ft above the 3 pt line and close to the sideline), weak side forward should be at the weak side block, this forces the defense to extend back to the basket some to cover the man. I do understand the parents mind set but maybe you can change that pre season meetings telling them what you are trying to accomplish.. teach the the fundamentals of the game and have FUN!At the youth level the only D that should be played is m2m no pressing or trapping. The remaining 720 kids are in the "rec" program. How can i become effective offensively against a box-in-one?? https://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/defense/age.html. What advice do you have for me. The face-guarding drill begins with one player playing offense and the other playing defense. If you dont have anybody else that can score, I would be working more on teaching the girls to attack the basket and attack the middle to find open shots. Or maybe it didn''t make a difference. They can raise their arms above their head or jump straight up while playing defense inside the cylinder. Winning is a funny thing - win all the time we long for a "real game not as much fun anymore. They saved me and made it possible for someone with no coaching experience to really teach kids the right things. Instead, while you are still down in the paint, create contact with your defender and get the high-foot advantage. Are they flicking their wrist? Passing negates quickness. We have NO height and just 7 kids so trying to play a straight 1/2 court man defense is not going to work for 4 quarters against tall well-rebounding teams. This year so far we have played five games against five different teams.Not one has played Man to Man D. #1- Zone D is easier to teach, we have limited time to practice and it''s really the only way these teams have a chance to compete. AWESOME! Footwork is the base of defense. And we do not use it unless we need a serious adjustment to counter something we are having trouble with. For the full video - go to: https://www.championshipproductions.com/cgi-bin/champ/p/Basketball/Suffocating-Pressure-Defense_BD-06007.html?mv_source=YouTube Lockdown defenders know how to communicate with their teammates effectively. These teams get priority for gym time and help from the high school staff (as they should).2. Last night he was describing the strategy his School Team coach will use this afternoon to limit their opponents best player (who torched us last time), it was the box-and-1. Time will tell how effective the new rule is in achieving its intended objectives. Run some ball handling drills and pressure drills, so the other guards get used to handling the ball under pressure. Guy then run the regular offense. This way, they have to go through you if they want to score, and it makes it much harder for them to get open. Schools are too independent with their athletic programs. I've seen it first hand. Quick comment on artificial rules. I coach 7th grade boys and we recently loss to a team that runs a 3-2 defense with the 3 defenders on mid-court waiting for my ball handlers. We also use basketballs and rims that are almost the same thing used by grown men. By 8th grade, some teams can effectively provide primary help in that situation, but get disorganized trying to provide secondary help.Effective help principles in M2M require a lot of time to teach, and are very confusing to young and inexperienced players who have trouble remembering who they were guarding to begin with.It isn't being "lazy". Point blank they need to get over themselves, if they were that good at scouting talent they probably wouldn't be a youth coach instead they'd be a scout or recruiter. So I would echo making M2M half court your primary and first defense to learn and go from there, but not get tied to any generalization that you can''t play this defense until X age. A great man with great intentions who sacrificed a lot of his time. I had a 7th aau boys team last year only lost two games out of 6 tournaments in the Bay Area. Your suggestions are very valuable but if your team depends upon only one or two players for scoring and/ or ball-handling, junk defenses will "love" to play you. Putting one's body in the way of an offensive opponent is known as guarding. Get them outside!Coach Jake. iT is best if the opposeing team has a point gaurd that scores often the most points(common 4th grade situation) that it is best to go into a sag defense. But they sure are 3rd grade all stars. Throw in the fact that over half your team will have never played before and have very little natural ability. By using your body and hands to shield the ball from them, you make it much harder for them to catch or steal it. Many of the coaches are volunteer parents and even the experienced ones do not coach as their profession. They don't. Excellent website. You can also utilize distracting techniques to get a shooter's attention rather than allowing him or her to focus on the upcoming shot. Your feet must move quickly and in the right way to position your body to stay in front of your defender. Eliminating zones in youth rec play starts at the top I feel. these kids we play against aren't learning offensive fundamentals either.The other fundamentally horrible thing these girls are learning in these defenses is reaching. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. is matt hughes still married, s corp reasonable salary dentist, witcher 3 coral statues, Cuanto Tiempo Tarda Un Caballo En Recorrer 1 Km, Articles H

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